Banese | Notice to the Market


Banco do Estado de Sergipe S.A., pursuant to article 30, item XXX of CVM Instruction 480/09, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that, on October 16, 2020, the Central Bank of Brazil ratified the election of a member of the Audit Committee to complete the term of office that will expire on the date on which those elected by a Board of Directors’ Meeting in 2021 take office.

The following person was elected to the Committee:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Universidade Tiradentes – UNIT – 1981.
  • Banco do Estado de São Paulo S/A – 1978 – 1997. Positions held: Executive Bank Cashier; Person in Charge of Cabesp – Caixa de Assistência Médica dos Funcionários em Aracaju (Health Insurance for Employees in Aracaju); Registration Information Sector; Accounting, Settlement, Warehouse and Safe Deposit Box Supervisor; Credit, Collection and Security Supervisor; Cashier and Treasury Supervisor; Payment Order Supervisor; Currency Exchange Supervisor; Investment Supervisor; Service and Current Accounts Supervisor; Training Instructor; and Interim Administrative Manager.
  • Banco do Estado de Sergipe S/A – 2002 – 2015. Positions held: Executive Cashier (Dec/2002 – May/2004), Business Manager (May – Nov 2004), General Branch Manager (Nov/2004 – July/2005 and Aug/2006 – Apr/2011), Area Manager (July/2005 – Aug/2006) and Internal Manager (Apr/2011 – Jan/2015).
  • Aracaju-SE, October 16, 2020

    Helom Oliveira da Silva
    Chief Financial, Control and Investor Relations Officer