Banese has been enhancing its processes and actions to achieve the best corporate governance practices. Taking a transparent approach, all relevant facts and decisions made by the Board of Directors are disclosed to the public using the official media and the investor relations page available on the bank’s website, where the performance of its results are also published using monthly trial balances and semi-annual and annual reports.

The Fiscal Council and the Board of Directors consist of persons of acknowledged importance within Sergipe society, with proven technical competence and whose decisions are always based on the search for security and ensuring that the risks involved in the issues under analysis are kept to a minimum.

The Executive Board consists of professionals with proven technical capabilities and experience in banking.

Decisions at any level within the company are made on a joint basis, so as to involve all managers in drawing up policies and approving proposals for the bank’s different businesses. This philosophy of joint decision making, and the use of committees at different decision-making levels ensure speed of response and efficiency, combined with quality and security of the decision-making processes.

The bank’s inspection and audit system consists of the Fiscal Council, Internal Audit Department and the Independent Auditors, and is subject to supervision by the Central Bank of Brazil and the State Accounting Court and Controller’s Department of Sergipe – CGE/SE.

The Internal Audit unit carries out periodic and arm’s-length assessments of the processes and organizational units, focusing on those risks that could compromise the organization’s objectives. These assessments are included and validated in the Annual Internal Audit Plan submitted for examination by the Board of Directors.



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