Risk Management

The Internal Controls and Risk Management policies of Banese are based on the recommendations of the Basel Accord, the Resolutions of the National Monetary Council – CMN and the Central Bank of Brazil, and on the other regulations dealing with internal controls and corporate risk management. The prudential measures recommended, so that our activities abide by the internal rules and regulations and risk mitigation, have been adopted as the basis for preparation and disclosure of specific communication vehicles for all units of the bank.

The market, credit, liquidity, operational, social, environmental, and climate, contamination, cyber risk, capital, image and other risk management inherent to the institution’s business are managed using a corporate approach by the Internal Controls and Capital and Risk Management areas, together with the areas where they arise, in accordance with specific internal policies and regulations. The systematic review of the internal controls, and the continuous monitoring of the risks using in-house methodologies or those regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil provide the information that determines the implementation of action plans and corrective measures directed at the efficiency of the mitigation controls, while also quantifying how much prudential capital must be allocated for the potential occurrence of losses.

The outcome of these analyses and the corrective actions are presented for approval by the Deliberation of the Executive Board and the Bank’s Board of Directors through periodic reports.

Corporate Risk Management Structure
Capital and Risk Management Committee
Ethics and Compliance Committee
Incident Response Committee
Internal Controls and Capital and Risk Management
Risk Management
Contamination Risk
Operational Risks
Internal Controls and Compliance
Anti-Money Laundering
Market Risk
Rate Risk Interest of Banking Portfolio – IRRBB
Liquidity Risk
Credit Risk
Capital Management
Social, Environmental and Climate Risk
Image/Reputation Risk
Information Security and Business Continuity
Cyber Risk
Money Laundering Prevention Committee – MLPC