Executive Board


Executive Board
Members Function
Helom Oliveira da Silva Interim President and Finance, Controls and Investor Relations Office
Business Administrator. Interim President appointed on June 15, 2020 and Controller, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer since March/2020. Other positions held at Banese since 2006: Controller and Investor Relations Officer (March/2020-2019), Strategic Management and Controls Officer (2018-2019), Strategic Management and Controllership Officer (2015-2018), Commercial Credit Officer (2015), Superintendent of Strategic Management and Controllership (2014-2015), Manager of the Risk Management Area (2009-2014) and Advisor to the CEO (2009), after having joined the Bank as a Bank Technician I in 2006. He has also worked as a Visiting Professor at Faculdade Estácio de Sergipe – FASE (2013-2014).
Renato Augusto Cruz Dantas Strategic Management and Technology Board
Civil Engineer. Strategic Management and Technology Officer since March/2020. Other positions held at Banese: Chief Financial and Technology Officer (March/2020-2015); Chief Finance and Investor Relations Officer (2015); Advisor to the CEO (2014-2015); System’s Analyst (2013-2014; 1996-1997; 1995 and 1987-1991); Manager, Strategic Management Area (2012); Manager, Procurement and Architecture Management Area (2010-2012); Superintendent of the Sergipe Blood Bank (2012-2013). Chief Financial and Administration Officer of Fundação de Saúde Parreiras Horta– FSPH (2012). Information Technology Superintendent (2009-2010 and 2007); Manager, Business Analysis Area (2007-2009); Manager, Methodology and Projects Area (2003-2007); Coordinator, Information Technology Area (1997-2003); Head of the Technology Division (1995-1996) and Head of the Technology Sector (1991-1995); Computer Programmer (1984-1987). Partner Manager at Tecnologia em Sistemas de Informações Ltda – TSI (1994-1997). Computer Programmer at Universidade Federal de Sergipe (1982-1984).
José Marcelino Andrade Chief Administrative Officer
Lawyer. Chief Administration Officer at Banese, holding this position since May/2014. Other positions at Banese: Superintendent of Instituto Banese de Seguridade Social (2013-2014); Controllership and Risk Management Superintendent (2012-2013); General Manager (1997-2012); Interim General Manager (1996-1997); Office Manager (1992-1997); Administrative Manager (1983-1992); Sub-manager (1983); Head of Service (1979-1983) Executive Cashier (1978-1979).
Olga Maria dos Santos Carvalhaes Credit and Services Officer
Managerial Processes Technologist. Credit and Services Officer of Banese since August/2017; Consultant to Banese Administradora e Corretora de Seguros Ltda, seconded to Banco do Estado de Sergipe S/A as Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer (2015-2017). Deputy Member of the Deliberative Council certified by the PREVIC at Instituto Banese de Seguridade Social – SERGUS (2017). Advisor to the President of Companhia de Desenvolvimento Industrial e de Recursos Minerais de Sergipe [Industrial Development and Mineral Resources Company of Sergipe] – CODISE, of the State Department for Economic Development, Science and Technology (2016). Other positions held at Banese: Commercial Lending Superintendent of Banese (2014-2015). Superintendent of Sergipe Administradora de Cartões e Serviços Ltda. – SEAC (2011-2014). General Manager (2000-2011). Business Manager (1993-2000) and Executive Cashier of Banco do Estado de Sergipe (1982-1993).