Banese is a publicly-held company controlled by the government of the State of Sergipe. The bank is a catalyst for the economic growth of the state by providing banking services.

Together with Sergipe Administradora de Cartões e Serviços Ltda. (SEAC), we make up an economic conglomerate. Our brand also consists of Banese Corretora e Administradora de Seguros, Instituto Banese de Seguridade Social (SERGUS), Caixa de Assistência dos Empregados do Banese (CASSE) and Instituto Banese, the latter responsible for managing social and environmental responsibility and supporting cultural expressions.

We have a strong presence in the retail sector with private individuals, and in financing working capital for small and mid-size companies. In addition, we finance the construction of property developments and engage in on-lending of funds from the BNDES and BNB in our rural and industrial portfolios.

Our strategy is to strive for excellence in generating value for our customers, using segmentation and redesigning of our business models, thereby achieving higher customer loyalty and growth of our customer base. Segmentation has been defined based on income, reciprocity and relationships, so that we can adapt the entire product portfolio, services and channels to our various target publics.

We ended the 3Q2019 with a base of 871,689 active customers (savings and current accounts), of whom 838,911 were private individuals and 32,778 were legal entities.

We have increased our offer of products and services in digital channels for our customers, reaching a financial volume of R$6.8 billion in september 2019.