Banese | Notice to Shareholders



We hereby inform the shareholders that the Board of Directors of BANESE approved on February 26, 2021, “ad referendum” of the 2021 Annual Shareholder’s Meeting, the proposal of the Institution’s Executive Board for payment of Interest on Equity – IOE for the fiscal year ended 2020, imputed to the minimum mandatory dividend, in the amount of R$13,165,123.77 (thirteen million, one hundred and sixty-five thousand, one hundred and twenty-three reais and seventy-seven cents), as provided for in articles 17 and 44 of Banese’s Bylaws and in paragraph 7 of article 9 of Law 9,249/1995.

Interest on Equity will be paid individually on March 15, 2021, as follows:
1. Banese account holders will have their credits available on the date of payment, according to the bank details provided to Banese;
2. Shareholders who do not hold an account will receive payment of Interest on Equity at any branch of the BANESE network upon presentation of identification document and Individual Taxpayer Number or Corporate Taxpayer’s Number.
3. Shareholders from other states will receive their credits via financial document (DOC) or available electronic transfer (TED), according to record information;
4. Interest on shares held in custody by B3 S.A. shall be paid to said B3 S.A., which shall transfer them to the holders through the depositing Brokers;
5. Shareholders with Overdue Registration, without the Individual Taxpayer number/Corporate Taxpayer’s number or indication of the Bank/Agency and Current Account, the interest will be paid through a credit notice at the moment the interested parties provide the regularization of their registration, personally, in one of the branches, with a copy of the Identity Card and Proof of Address, and in the case of legal entity, a copy of the Bylaws.

The payment of Interest on Equity for the fiscal year ended 2020 will be in the gross amount of R$0.820290434 per share for registered common shares and R$0.902319478 per share for registered preferred shares, with 15% withholding income tax withheld, except for shareholders proven immune or exempt, resulting in net interests of R$0.697246869 per share, for nominative common shares and R$0.766971556 for nominative preferred shares, based on the shareholding position of March 3, 2021, the shares, from March 4, 2021, will be traded on the Stock Exchanges “ex” this interest on equity, imputed to the amounts to be paid to the minimum mandatory dividends.

Aracaju-SE, February 26, 2021.


Aléssio de Oliveira Rezende

Chief Control and Investor Relations Officer